Propulsion Research Laboratory

Room 101, Industrial Science Building

Hydrogen Peroxide Rocketry: Use and Safety Manual

This web manual summarizes the minimum necessary information required for students to work with concentrated hydrogen peroxide in the propulsion research laboratory. Web links to key technical documents can be found in the left hand side bar.

Chapter 1: About Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) for Propulsion Applications

Chapter 2: H2O2 Hazard Classes

Chapter 3: Hazards Associated with H2O2 for Propulsion Applications

Chapter 4: Personnel Hazard Mitigations Necessary for Working with Concentrated H2O2

Chapter 5: Emergency Response When Working with H2O2

Chapter 6: H2O2 Flow Path Passivation Procedures

Chapter 7: H2O2 Material Compatibility

Chapter 8: Storage of H2O2

Chapter 9: Concentrating HTP from Low-Grade H2O2 Solutions

Chapter 10: Initial Hot Fire Proof-of-Concept & Regression Rate Tests

Certification of Training Log